Will TikTok Stories Follow the Same Path as Twitter Fleets?

The introduction of TikTok Stories came as a surprise for the select few that received the feature when it was first pushed to devices. Following in the footsteps of other prominent social media apps, like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, TikTok has moved forward with their own 24-hour Stories to give users a chance to share more with their followers—but not everyone believes that this is the right move. After a love-hate relationship between users and Stories across several prominent apps, the odds might just be stacked against this tech giant.

Everyone Has a Story

It’s no secret that social media apps are constantly taking inspiration for features from one another, and Stories are no different. By this point, nearly all of the major platforms have introduced some kind of Story feature designed to support temporary content from creators. These 24-hour posts create a unique point of connection between audience and creator, but they don’t all work the same way.

The trend of company’s adding an option for users to create Stories really took off in 2016 when Instagram first copied the idea from Snapchat. Snapchat users loved Stories, and Instagram’s initial launch was a little rough, but with time, that began to change. Now, 90% of Instagram content is in Stories, so it shouldn’t be surprising that other brands decided to follow suit. The Twitter Story feature, lovingly titled “Fleets”, joined the scene, offering unique but simplistic tools. Even LinkedIn decided to try their hand at a LinkedIn Story.

There is a lesson in these attempts.

What We Can Learn from Social Media Stories

Though Stories might be a popular feature for both Snapchat and Instagram, the same cannot necessarily be said for other platforms. Twitter Fleets were removed during the summer of 2021, and LinkedIn Stories followed suit a month later. The reason? A lack of interest from users.

These two attempts to make Stories a prominent feature show us that Stories are not always the best option. It is true that the feature can be loved and cherished by users, but that doesn’t mean that it necessarily works for every single audience, or on every single platform.

Both of these companies invested in Story features, but neither of them were able to generate buy-in with their audiences. Is it because their platforms cater to different kinds of users, or does the lack of interest come down to the execution? Without knowing, it is difficult for platforms to determine whether or not Stories are the right feature for their audience, but they should certainly be prepared for the potential that the new addition will not resonate with users.

Do We Really Need More Stories?

For social media lovers, the important question really is: do we need more Stories? It is something that people first asked when Instagram introduced the feature following Snapchat’s success, and it is even more true now that these two platforms have managed to maintain user interest in the feature while others have failed.

As common as it is for tech companies to copy ideas from one another, the reality is that not every good feature is a good feature for a specific platform. The introduction of the TikTok Story gives users the ability to share pictures instead of just videos (or pictures placed inside of a video), which might bring some value, but it is hard to say since it is a video-based platform and people like it for that reason.

Does TikTok need stories, or has Instagram filled that need for users? It is common for people around the world to use both apps, which means that TikTok runs the risk that people will already have their fill and not see a point in posting stories on TikTok as well. If we go by other more recent Story introductions with other apps, it looks like TikTok will really need to impress their audience.

Are TikTok Stories Likely to Succeed?

There really is no guaranteed way to know whether or not TikTok Stories will be a well-received feature. When Instagram first introduced Reels, many people were annoyed with the feature and thought that it was a knockoff of TikTok. Now, Instagram Reels play a center role in the app’s experience. It is possible that TikTok might follow that same trajectory with this new feature.

For the time being, users seem hesitant. In fact, some believe that this is the completely wrong move for TikTok. While no one was surprised to see Instagram trying to capitalize on TikTok’s success with Reels, TikTok users do not always see Instagram in a positive light.

Younger generations seem to really appreciate TikTok and find it to be a more positive experience. While Instagram offers different kinds of content and complex navigation, TikTok provides a continuously entertaining experience that is simple and focused on the content above all else. For this reason, some people believe that TikTok is making a bad move by gravitating towards an experience that is more in line with Instagram.

As far as features go, Stories are good where they are, but the potential as a new feature seems to be limited. It is possible that TikTok users will outright reject TikTok Stories, just like users did with Twitter and LinkedIn—but only time will tell.

How to Get the Most out of Stories

Stories offer an opportunity to catch special moments, and they are primarily used as a way to engage with followers. Creators can post their standard content, then user Stories to share special updates or content that might not fit into their standard posts. Whether you’re on Instagram or TikTok, Stories can provide you with a wonderful way to connect with others and explore your favorite creators in a fun and simple way.

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