Story Story automatically downloads and saves Instagram stories. (basically)

What is Story Story doin’?

Story Story is a social media monitoring tool to help you with your campaigns, events, or venues.

(with plenty other features to filter stories, analyse reach and audience and report to your team)

Stories are 92% of the content posted on Instagram

Still using expensive social media tools that don’t work with stories?

92% of content posted on Instagram is in story format. Yeah, that’s what our study says. Story Story is a social media listening tool for Instagram that focus extensively on stories (but works with Posts and Reels too).

Story Story has 2 products.

One is definitely for you.

Story Story For Campaigns

This is the best tool to automatically collect instagram stories for your seeding campaigns, influencer campaigns or for collecting your guests' stories after an event.

It’s also the best companion for social media listening, competitors analysis, or talent management.

Story Story For Venues

It automatically downloads stories made at your venue. It could be stories posted at a hotel, a restaurant, an amusement park or a museum.

Definitely a must-have tool for a venue social media team.

Story Story in 3 words

Easy to use

(it counts for 1, right?). We believe in designing tools that don’t require a PhD to use them. Anyone in the social media field AND your 60yo boss should use it easily.


With Story Story, the primary information is easily accessible. You can organize your campaigns as you want to maximize your productivity.


You are a pro. You want to work with tools you can rely on, and Story Story is one of them.

— Can I add a fourth one? — cheap! Pay on a montly basis, cancel when you want. Way cheaper that the big names.